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Law Student Connect is the easiest way for law students to work with actual attorneys from all over the United States and get PAID for it. Any US-based law student can create an account and begin exploring opportunities in minutes.

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User Testimonials

Annabella Denzel
1L, Indiana University

"...only a couple of months after joining Law Student Connect, I was offered a summer clerkship with the attorney I began working for in January. The work Jordan and his team do introducing law students to the legal world is invaluable for building working relationships and gaining practical experience. I highly recommend trying out Law Student Connect, you won’t be disappointed."

Tyler Thomas
3L, Arizona State University

"The experience I got from the projects I worked on through LSC were huge in giving me experience to talk about in my interviews, and one of the projects I worked on I used for a writing sample as well."

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No credit card required...ever

Taylor Mathews
Texas A&M School of Law, Class of 2022

Bree Vculek
The George Washington University Law School, Class of 2023


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How it Works

Hello, I'm Jordan, and we want to help you level up your legal skills.

By now, you have probably heard (or read) how law firms wish law students would graduate with stronger practical legal skills. To be an effective lawyer, you need to know more than just how to "think like a lawyer." You need skills you will only learn outside of the classroom:

  • how to write demand letters, motions, pleadings, orders, contracts, estate plans, etc.
  • how to do document review or discovery
  • how to communicate with a superior, support staff, and clients
  • how to network with other attorneys for job opportunities or more clients
  • the list goes on and on.

And while many law schools are doing a great job providing students with opportunities to gain practical experience through clinics and externships, it is a rare opportunity to work 1-on-1 with a practicing attorney, on a real project, with a real deadline, for a real client.

That is what we are building for you: the opportunity to 
get paid while you develop, test, and hone your skills doing real work, for real attorneys.

You can 
network with attorneys in the locations you want to work in, no matter where you attend school. You can explore practice areas to try and find your passion. And the best part of all, you can do it all totally remotely without committing to a semester-long internship or clinic. You choose which projects to apply for when you have time to do them.

Ready to level up your legal skills?

Jordan Gardner
CEO, Law Student Connect
JD, UNLV '13

Earn Money

Too many firms and organizations expect you to work for free so you can add a line item to your resume. We see your value and believe you should be paid for the work you do.

Hone Your Skills

Here, you will learn the actual skills needed to be a lawyer by working on actual legal projects.

Get Feedback

As a law student, it can be hard to get feedback on your writing or other work. Through Law Student Connect, you will get the opportunity to test your skills and receive feedback from actual attorneys.

Expand Your Network

You’ll have a much more meaningful networking experience by helping an attorney with their project than you would at any bar night or firm meet and greet.

Danielle Kuntz
University of New Hampshire, Class of 2021

Aubrey Eyrolles
UNT Dallas College of Law, Class of 2022